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ACLU              American Civil Liberties Union                                      Organization               WEBSITE

AFSC              American Freinds Service Committee                           Organization               WEBSITE

DREAM           The Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act  Proposed Legislation

CAP                Center for American Progress
CBP                US Customs and Border Protection

CCIS              Center for Comparative Immigration Studies               Organization                 WEBSITE

CHIRLA           Coalition for Humane Immigrants Rights Los Angeles

CIPC              California Immigration Policy Center                             Organization                 WEBSITE
CIR                Comprehensive Immigration Reform
CIS                Center for Immigration Studies

CLUE              Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice                Organization                WEBSITE

COFEM           Consejo de Federationes Mexicanos en Norteamerica    Organization                 WEBSITE
CSULA            Cal State University Los Angeles
DHS               Department of Homeland Security
ERC                Employee Rights Center

FMA               Freedom of Migration Act                                           Organization                 WEBSITE
FAIR               Federation for American Immigration Reform
ICE                US Immigration and Customs Enforcement

LULAC           League of United Latin American Citizens

MALDEF         Mexican American Legal Defensive and Education Fund
MPI                Migration Policy Institute
ORR               Office of Refugee Resettlement
RI                  Radical Immigration
SEUI              Service Employees Union International

SCLC             Southern Christian Leadership Conference

UCLA             University of California Los Angeles
USCG             United States Coast Guard